Carol Farrell

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Carol Bracher formerly Carol Farrell
Born in 1954
Lived in Hull Rd, later Walmgate



My memories are fond and happy of a very special time and place.

We started with Miss Haddikin – I remember her fantastic play equipment which came out once a week or so with great Wendy house,  sand tray and climbing frame.

Infant 2 – I can’t remember the teacher’s name but she read great Brer Rabbit stories – The Tar Baby is one I still remember fondly. Sister Mary taught us often that year.

First Holy Communion and Mrs Benneworth telling us that the Vatican Council would be the most important event in our lives, not so sure about that. AND hot cups of tea after Friday morning mass – to six and seven year olds.

Sister Magdalen who was as tall as a building and just so imposing, pennies for the babies in Africa and growing cress on the window sill.

I thought I was the only one who fell in love with Mrs Newsome- but not so it seems. A gifted teacher who reached all of us and got the very best out.

Mr Atkin - the boys got to go to sport and we had to stay and do folk dancing- hardly fair! The 11 plus, the end of year trip and acting out Sir Patrick Spens.

I remember the segregated playgrounds, the coldest winter with the long ice slide down the middle of the yard (1963), the time the boiler broke down in the boys’ school and we had to go home, it seemed like forever but maybe a couple of days.

I learned to swim at St George’s baths and we used to tease each other on the way that Dick Turpin’s horse was buried in the wall.

We had the most wonderful history lessons at the museum.

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