Charles Lister






Charles Lister
Born 12 Oct 1953
Lived in Darnborough Street



I used to really enjoy the trips to the Castle museum. The classroom there when they handed round civil war helmets and that kind of thing. I grew up with a real love of history which stems from growing up in York and those early museum trips.

The church parades - May (singing 'May is the month of Mary' etc) and June (the Sacred Heart). Us boys milling around beforehand having sashes pinned on. Girls in their communion dresses. And feeling a bit self conscious as we walked down the road (at least I did).

I have fond memories of Miss Newsome. I had a definite crush on her. I also remember doing Captain Blood, and the poem about Sir Patrick Spens.

When I think of Mr Atkin, I remember his games of dodgeball which, like all sport, I wasn't very good at. Speaking of sport, my best memory of Fenby Field was coming back on the bus singing 'We all live on a West Yorkshire bus' to the tune of Yellow Submarine.

The weekly radio programme - 'Singing Together', I think. It was mostly stuff from the English National Songbook (Hearts of Oak etc). We were almost the last generation of kids to learn that stuff.

Learning the latin hymns in the Benediction service by rote without really knowing what they meant. When I went to 'the big school', I somehow ended up in the choir singing Tantem Ergo etc up in the choir loft. I still find myself singing it from time to time.

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