John Barrett





John Barrett

Born in May 1964


Memories (as supplied by big sister Kath!)

Miss Haddakin taking him off his mother just after he started as he was crying and did not want to leave her . . . Miss Haddakin took him in . . he went crackers and started screaming for his mother and pulled the sleeve out of Miss Haddakin’s cardigan!!

Doing maths with Miss Ware . . . he would be 6ish. She told them you could count 123456789 etc but then you could also count in two’s . . . 2 4 6 8 etc as well. She asked the kids to write down as many 2’s as they could. Nobody in the class could do it but John wrote down 2 4 6 8 10 12 etc . . . and had about up to 100 on when she came round . . . the other kids had nothing!! (Bit of a clever clogs! - TR)

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