Judith Mendham






Judith Morris formerly Mendham
Born in 1954
Lived in Winterscale Street , then Fulford Cross



Going on the annual trip to Fountains Abbey – and being travel sick every time!

The smells of the dinner in the hall – it never smelt as good as it tasted, or is that just time?

Dressing up for processions – a great day every time.

Canon O’Connell!!!!

Mr Atkin – my hero who got me through my 11 plus and also taught our daughters, thank goodness.

Going to Sandra’s (Calpin) house after school and getting a treat from her Mum.

Playing out no matter what the weather.

Hot chocolate and egg sarnies after swimming, god it was so good then.

The school dentist – still hate them!!

Michael Wash wanting to play kiss catch – sorry Michael!

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