John Gales






John Gales
Born in 1948

Lived in Kilburn Rd



Doing pantos at the Rialto and going to rehearsals. The famous John Barry was the manager/owner then and gave them use of the theatre and scenery. He was in 2 pantos with his sisters, Janet and Sandra, a soldier in one and a courtier in another. May have been Walter Raleigh and sister Janet, the queen.

Doing his swimming badge at St George's baths.

Being 'persuaded' to be an altar boy by Father Mortell but not being able to remember all the bowing and moving things about in the right order and always getting it wrong . . . did not last long!! Having to go to 8am mass every day to learn it all.

Canon O'Connell was the senior priest there.

Did not like school dinners!

The third of a pint of milk at playtime.

Went to cubs run by the famous sportsman Paddy Power who was a fencer. It was joined onto the church, dinner hall and school . . . accessed from the back playground. Paddy was a PE teacher!


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