Kathleen Barrett






Kath Burton formerly Kathleen Barrett

Born in Oct 1954

Lived in Ambrose St, Off Wenlock Terrace


Sister Eileen born 1957

Brother John born 1964




Walking to school down the riverside and up Blue Bridge Lane, having to pass the sometimes “hostile” kids from Fishergate School then having to RUN from Fishergate school to under the bar to avoid the runaway bullocks from the cattle market. They used to be pursued by old farmers waving sticks and bellowing at them. Very scary.

Calling at the sweet shop under the bar on the opposite side to The Pheonix pub. It was very dark and had a long sticky strip hanging from the ceiling full of dead flies!

The warm milk that was left out in the sun in the playground and was all yellow on top…yuk!

The peculiar smell of the dinner hall!!

Christmas parties in the dinner hall and the jelly we had there!

Being sent the “THE BIG BOYS” school on an errand and being terrified of the scary boys there plus frightened to death of getting lost on the seemingly long and perilous journey. It was only a few yards in reality!

Going to St Georges Baths and doing my length with Mr Hunt dangling a pole in front of me. I did the last few yards “doggy paddle” coughing and spluttering. It was very humid in there and used to flood when the river rose. Hot chocolate from the machine afterwards…yummy

Choosing my comfirmation name of 'Veronica' because I sat next to Veronica Dodsworth!

Having egg sarnies and a cuppa after communion on a Friday morning.

Being poked in the back by Miss Coyle for talking in church

Colouring in the pre-printed Christmas cards with the nativity scene on them.

All singing in assembly whilst watching Miss Haddakin pulling out teeth for anybody who had a wobbly one!

Getting ready for the May processions in the classroom. Always had a lovely white dress and sandals newly whitened with that scuff cream. The boys all getting their ties on and the excitement of being ready on time and lined up in twos.

Watching tv after the lunch break sitting on the floor in Sister’s office.

Waving to my Mum as she left me at the gate and looking back as I entered the second playground part to see if she was still there.

Having violin lessons and nearly crying because my arm ached so much from holding it high whilst playing (cannot remember the man’s name, he had a foreign accent and wore a mac and hat, always carried a briefcase)

Making a rafia crib in Sister Magdalen's complete with a rag doll and knitted bedclothes. Soaking and bending the stuff to make it pliable!

Sister Magdalen always smelt of scented geraniums

The girls having to wear a mantilla or head covering when they went into church.

Finding out Mrs Newsome was called Carmen and thinking what a beautiful name it was as I had never heard of it. Later I considered calling my daughter that name.

The smell of the peculiar blue/purple printing on letters we took home. Loved this smell, sort of petrol/chemical. Sometimes we went into Sister Mary’s office and turned the machine which churned them out . . was it called a Banda? (Yes - TR)

I did not really like school very much. I never wanted to go and did not enjoy it. I was always worried and quite a shy kid (you would not believe it now!) I hated milk and was forced to drink it every day against my will. It was yellow and warm and quite often “off” This blighted my school days as nobody ever listened to me when I said I did not like it. I still cannot drink milk to this day. I seem to have a good memory about school and can remember quite a lot and many names etc but no real fond memories.

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