Michael Carrigan



Michael Carrigan
Lived in Melbourne  St


Michael's Sisters' Memories Of Him

A fun loving boy who was always smiling. He had a cheeky grin and could get away with anything because of this.

Michael loved school, he was an alter boy at St George's Church.

He helped out at Church often. He used to be found at the Presbytery every Saturday morning helping to print out the newsletter, by a hand operated printer (hard work).

Funny memories are collecting 'empties' together in our old pram and sharing the profits on return to the shop. On 6th November, whatever the weather, we would collect used fireworks and find delight in our used treasures.

Our Mike was my big brother (18 months apart) and he taught me most of the life skills I needed to know, up until he became ill.

In the late sixties kids were safe to play out all day and I have happy memories of Mike teaching me to ride my bike.

He was a lovely lad and I am so thankful for the 13 years I had the privilege to be with him before he died.

I remember being an altar boy with Michael and playing with him at his home. (By MW)

I remember crying at his funeral and the hundreds that lined the streets as his funeral procession passed by. (By MW)

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