Michael Wash






Michael Wash
Born in Sep 1954
Lived in Fulford Road



Watering Mr Atkin's cacti.

Buddies with Steve Bardy until he pushed in the front – we both wanted to walk with Paul Fineron – I hit Steve – busting his lip – I spent the day in Sister Mary's office cleaning out her cupboards and had to go with my Dad to apologise to Steve with a box of sweets – his lip was so bad he couldn’t eat them!

School dinners – yummy – seconds always – although the cheese pie was tough and the pink blancmange with coconut didn’t settle well!

Processions – white shirt – singing Ave – hearing it start at the front then us catching up at the back.

Scared of Mrs Benniworth - Infatuated with Mrs Newsome - Mr Atkin was my hero

Hung around with Ian Lambert for a while – house down near the river – big Alsatian!

Paul Leng had a sister – I think I kissed her!

I fancied Doreen Bigge and Gail Boosey (or was I too young for that sort of thing?)

Good friends with Michael Appleton (shop in Heslington rd)– and Steven Lightfoot ( Hull rd)

Altar boy extraordinaire! Serving 8am mass several days in the week invariably followed by egg sandwiches for breakfast!

Playing football with Paul Moran on the day England won the world cup.

Paul Graham and I were a good team although he had to become professional – did he?

Scoring a goal from the half way line at Heslington primary school.

Actually Judith I remember catching you! (See Judith's page for the answer to this cryptic reference)

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