Margaret White






Margaret Brosnan formerly White
Born in 1954



John Warner had a sister, Stephanie. When we were in Sister Magdalen's class he got more 'stars' than I did and she had a lovely cardboard sewing box with embroidery cottons that he was going to choose as his prize, for Stephanie. Sister Magdalen must have known I had 'put my hat on it' and she wouldn't allow him to pick this prize, saying he had to pick a boy's prize. The day was saved for me and I got my treasured box with little drawers and compartments for my threads. Oh My God, I so adored Sister Magdalen.

Do you remember she used to read us a story about a little child on the Missions called Wopsy? I cannot really remember the story so much but I used to like to copy how Sister took off her glasses and put them back on after cleaning them, whilst still reading.

Do you remember the frieze we made from 'felt' depicting the Pied Piper in Junior 2 classroom.

It was the greatest catastrophe that had ever befallen me the day that my dear friend Silvana and I were driven assunder for me to go to the Bar Convent. I can remember finding a navy blue cardigan in our house and thinking if I wore it my Mam and Dad might allow me to go with Silvana and Veronica to Margaret Clitherow's School. I was never really sure why I went to the Bar Convent!!!

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