Mary Workman





Mary Elizabeth Workman
Lived in Frances Street


Kath's Memories of Mary

I knew her as she lived in the next street to us and her Irish mother was a friend of my Dad

She was a very good photographer and earned a living from it. She also worked some nights as a care assistant at a home

She loved fashion and design and was also a model

She was a very good artist and constantly drew ideas for dresses and fashion. She even as a kid did very professional stuff with twiggy type women wearing unusual clothes. She made her own wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses.

She always wore funky stuff and made a lot of her clothes

I used to go to her house after school and one night her Ma had made some mince and gravy for her dad to come in to ....she kept picking at it and all of a sudden it was all gone!! She got into big trouble for it!

She was very slim and elegant and used to pretend to be a ballerina

She was a giggler and we laughed a lot on our way to and from Maggie Clitherows either on the bus or on bikes

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