Nigel Lovely



Nigel Lovely
Lived in Frances St  and Newland Park Drive


Nigel's Family's Memories Of Him

Tragically, we lost Nigel in an accident in the year after he left St George's, in January 1968, when he was eleven years old.

The gulf between a three year old and an eleven year old seems more than any eight years: when you are the one who is three, adults are different and incomprehensible aliens, but an older brother who is eleven is from the same species (boy) but represents some sort of pinnacle of advancement - he can can climb trees, swim, seemingly do anything...!  So it was with Nigel for me, and I have memories of him as diverse as playing outside with his friends; waving from the choir (upstairs in St George's church); and pretending to be a genie every time I rubbed a toy lamp at our grandmothers house; but always smiling or laughing.

I hope others will be able to add a few memories that they have of him to this page too.

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