Ray Walton





Ray Walton
Born in 1946

Lived in Woodlea Avenue, Acomb



Went to English Martyrs until he was 8 years old then moved to George's. Sister Teresa was the head teacher. There was also a teacher there who moved to Australia, cannot remember the name. At English Martyrs school he used pencils and books but when he moved to St George's he used a slate board and chalk.

He played football for the school but they nearly always got beaten.

He had Miss Coyle for his form teacher for three years. As he moved up she seemed to move forms and always taught him. He was happy at school and was ok in Miss Coyle's class.

After fasting for communion they used to have breakfast in school. The caretaker made a big boiler of tea and Miss Coyle always brought brown bread and butter.

The girl's side of the school was by Sr Teresa's office, Margaret St entrance. The boys used the George St entrance at the back of the school.

One day Ray and Mick Dunne were playing footie with a metal tin with wooden stoppers. John(?) Connelly took it to Mrs West the dinner lady and it turns out it was stuffed with gold sovereigns. Ray thinks it came from the row of old tumble down terrace houses opposite the school.

Used to go to St George's baths and was taught by Lonz Webster. They used to put on shows and concerts at the Rialto. School was ok and he had no real problems.

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