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Steve Bedingham

Born in Oct 1954

Lived in



I do remember being carted off to the cattle market one cold and foggy morning. As I remember, we were actually put in the pens and there were lots of other kids there from other schools. I can't be absolutely sure, but it may have been to wave at the Queen as she went by to open the university!

Michael Carrigan was a great pal of mine too, but he died very tragically of leukaemia when he was at school (This was in 1970 - TR).

The newsagent on George Street - a very old and grumpy man ran it but I remember that he did a roaring trade in Midget Gems and bonbons!

I think we all loved Brian Atkin the PE man, with his 1940's track suit and plimsolls carried in his duffle bag - a very kind and gentle man as I remember.

I remember the brothers and some of the teachers from the senior school who used to pass through on the way to the dining room - where we too had some fairly dodgy school dinners

Sister Magdalene terrified me - and everyone else I think -peering down from her high desk and I seem to think that she had a moustache - very scary for a 10 year old!

Sister Mary was a little less fearsome, though I am sure she once walloped me with a kind of 'pandybat'

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