Sheila Wash






Sheila Callicott formerly Wash
Born in 1956
Lived in Fulford Road



Mrs Benneworth coming up behind us in the dinner canteen and shaking us if we hadn't finished our dinner! Terrifying.

Mrs Haddakin pulling teeth out - by tying string to the tooth and classroom door - and slamming it shut!

Making the 'First Fridays' early morning mass - and having sandwiches for breakfast back in the assembly room - with tea being poured from that huge tin teapot. Lovely.

Being given the job with Julie Clift of being responsible for washing up the teachers' cups and saucers during break time - and getting out of having to go outside in the cold!

Sister Magdalen reading stories about Wopsy.

Swimming lessons at St George's baths . . . .

May processions and singing 'May is the Month of Mary . . .'

Listening to the boys in the playground shouting . . . 'all up for the US Cavalry . . .' and walking around with their arms outstretched, until someone tagged on. When they had enough people tagging on - the 'US Cavalry' game began.

Learning to dance 'the Gay Gordons'  and 'Strip the Willow'.

Was it 'Singing with Mother' or something like that - where we listened to a record/radio and had to sing along - 'Sweet lass of Richmond Hill' springs to mind.

The reading corner - and reading 'Bindy come home' - sad tale about a dog.

Eileen Cahill, Julie Clift and Elaine Yoward - my best buddies and still in touch with them now.

Having to wear 'Ladybird' dresses - awful!

Capaldi's ice cream - on St George's Day. Valerie Capaldi was in my class.

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