Tim Robinson






Tim Robinson
Born in Jun 1954
Lived in Anson Drive, Off The Broadway

Sister Cathy born 1951



Being split up from Paul Fineron, my best mate, in Jun 1 for talking. I was sent to the back, Paul stayed where he was at the front. Mind you Mrs Benneworth was his Auntie! Paul took me to see her in 1977 - she didn't remember me.

Being in tears in the canteen not wanting to eat the stuff they called 'dinner'.

Making models out of cornflakes packets with Mr Atkin - Georgian House and The Rainbow Mill.

Sitting on the pipes in the cloakroom on wet wintry mornings having persuaded Mrs Franklin to let us in.

Lining up to have ones hair rifled by the nit nurse.

Playing King Ball in the yard and having Mr Atkin gatecrash. By 'eck it stung when he got you on the leg with the tennis ball.

Mr Atkin and his 'Hard Lines'.

Bus fare home - 1 1/2d. Milky Way - 2d. Thank goodness the fare went up to 2d and I could buy one on the walk home. Mars bars were 4d - save up for two days.

Jun 3 was Mrs Newsome. Only there a year but a lovely lady. Introduced houses. Owl, Eagle, Hawk and another.

Splitting up into two groups in either corner of the boys yard and running at each other to have the most enormous scrap. All good fun and with no malice!

Paul Graham joining in Jun 4 and becoming our goalkeeper and wicketkeeper. We won everything that year. Nothing would get passed him. Once nearly killed an opposing fielder at square leg with a hook straight to his belly. Didn't drop it and Paul was out. They found the ball embedded in him!

Being knocked down in the boys yard and being taken into the staff room in Jun 3. There to be sorted out with some old gym shorts as my trousers were soaked. I was only little and was always being knocked over at first.

Pip Turpin going over the wall in the boys yard to retrieve the ball. Once even up the pipes onto the Senior School's hall roof. Both times he got the cane.

For our first communion we were told we could wear a suit. My mum bought me one (see fourth picture above). While waiting in Sister Mary's office beforehand, Mrs Benneworth (I think) decided that I should take off the jacket as no-one else had one on. Then she saw I had braces on - so they had to go. When I came into church my mum was horrified to see me without the suit she'd bought at great expense.

Paul Fineron on Geoffrey McGivern's back, me on his mate's back having piggy-back fights in the yard. Mr Atkin saw us and suggested we enter the York school sports piggy-back race at the Homestead in Clifton. The other pair didn't turn up but we came second and I won a blue Corgi Land Rover. If only I could remember the name of my steed!!! Wonder if Geoff remembers that now.

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