Maria Coyle




Maria Ann Coyle




My memories of the junior school are not real happy, Miss Coyle was my problem, she often hit me with the rule. (By PM)

Miss Coyle had two plaits which were wound round like ear muffs over her ears, a wonder she could hear. (By IM)

Teachers - dare I mention Miss Coyle? . . . she was heading my way and I knew I should not have tied a knot in my dish cloth knitting! Adults liked her, but we didn't. She wore her hair in braids around her ears like earphones. Miss Coyle was very memorable. (From Feedback)

Being poked in the back by Miss Coyle for talking in Mass (By KB)

Having to attend RI lessons with her after school once I went to Archie's - about 1965/6. She held them in the office of the old canteen. Miss Coyle fitted in nicely with the antiquity of the place - I didn't attend more than twice. Never knew who she was but knew I didn't like her. Only went again when Father Ryan arrived and held the lessons. (By TR)

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