Patricia Haddakin






Patricia White formerly Haddakin



Lived in Fishergate



Pat went to St Wilfrids school and lived in Burton Stone Lane. She was one of four children, passed the eleven plus and went to the Bar Convent. Trained at Bedford College to be an infant teacher which she began when she was 22, retiring in (she thinks) 1975. Pat taught all subjects during her career and found that school was one big happy family with a good atmosphere, all working together. Pat sadly passed away 18th January 2011.




School was very, very run down and dilapidated . . . roof always leaking.

She taught in a room, looking out onto the boys playground, where there was a statue of Mary and used to put lilac and bluebells on the statue.

Procession days were buzzing and she spent all her time gripping girls veils on . . . straightening ties . . . putting medals round necks after threading them onto ribbon. In May it was the miraculous medal and all in blue (boys), then The Sacred Heart procession was red.

She pulled out teeth whilst assembly was on and was the official tooth puller!

Discipline was the key to the success of the school and in the 1960's it became so much more informal and went downhill from there a bit.

Once a pupil overheard another teacher shouting from the back of the class to her and calling her of the pupils said..'Is your name PAT?'. She said 'My name is MISS HADDAKIN!!'

One pupil asked her how old she was and she said 'ALL ladies are 21!!!!! always!!'

Sister Mary fought and fought to get the new school . . . it was her efforts that got it.

Mrs Benneworth was really lovely, Sister Mary was firm but fair. Brian was the backbone of the school and as the only man took over all sport . . . he did it all weekend for all the classes.

On my brother's first day at school Miss Haddakin dragged him in and he pulled the sleeve off her cardigan! (KB)

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