Sister Mary (Bride) Carolan





Sister Mary (Bride) Carolan

Lived in Fishergate



Born in Middlesbrough in 1921, Sister Mary joined the order of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul in 1939 and trained as a teacher, starting her career in the London area before replacing Sister Teresa Ryder as headmistress at St George’s, which was then based in Margaret Street. She held this position at St George's between 1958 and 1985. She spent much of her early years in the role trying to persuade the Government to build a new school, with her efforts coming to fruition when St George’s moved to its present site on Fishergate in 1977. After retiring from teaching in 1985, Sister Mary continued to live in the order’s convent in Lawrence Street and was the visiting Sister in the Haxby-based St Margaret Clitherow’s parish before moving first to Hull, then Grangetown in Middlesbrough, Marske-by-the-sea near Redcar, Dumfries and finally the Merseyside seaside resort of Southport. Following a stroke in 2006, she received care in two of the order’s nursing homes before passing away peacefully on November 29 last year.

(Ref: The York Press 4th Feb 2009)





One day my sister came home and told my mum Sister Mary had asked everyone to pray for something which was very special. Turned out they were praying for a male teacher. Wonder if Mr Atkin realised he was chosen by divine intervention! (By TR)

Went back to visit the school in 1977. Walked into Jun 4 to see Sister Mary at her desk. 'Bet you don't remember me, sister', I said. She looked up and said, 'Of course I do, how's your sister?'! Bearing in mind I had long hair, a moustache and had left George's in 1965 and York in 1968, her memory was phenomenal. She told me what everyone in my year was doing almost without exception. (By TR)

I remember Sister Mary asking us at assembly one morning who had been to see the Beatles at the Rialto the day before (prob sunday). A few put their hands up . . . She really shouted and said we had no business to and should have been at mass! (By KB)

Teaching us to do joined-up writing whilst in Jun 3. Still see the letters carefully drawn on the board with the loop to the following letter with blue chalk in it 'as if it's filled with water'. (By TR)

Sister Mary had a mean action with the cane, often dishing out discipline in full view of everyone. (By TR)

Sister Mary came out of the gate one day and said to a group of mothers congregating on the pavement 'Shoo, shoo have you no work to do?'!!! (By KB)

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