Manor School

Last Updated: 22/02/2019

Manor Voluntary Secondary Modern School

The Manor National School for boys was opened in January 1813 in rooms in the King's Manor rented from Lord de Grey, the Crown lessee. This was the first National school for boys in York; there was said to be accommodation for 500. About 1818 440 boys were said to be attending and the Manor School together with the girls' National school in Aldwark were used to train teachers for National schools elsewhere. Fees were 1s.a quarter in 1818. Under the Crown Lands Act of 1829 the accommodation in the Manor was, in 1835, secured for the permanent use of the school. Instruction in 'English grammar, history, geography, the elements of general history and mensuration' was advertised at an extra charge of 3s a quarter at this time. Extra rooms for 130 girls and 71 infants, under the boys' school, were opened in 1844 with the aid of a grant from the National Society. There was an average attendance of 348 boys and 154 girls between 1846 and 1847. On inspection in 1850 it was found that no scripture was read in the school and that there were 9 classes in 1 room taught by a master and 6 pupil teachers. This inspection appears to have referred only to the boys' department. Alterations to the school were made in 1855 with the aid of a government grant. There were 89 pupils enrolled in the girls' department in 1870 but this had closed before 1888. In that year there was accommodation for 355 boys. An annual government grant was first received in 1847. In 1922, the accommodation in the Manor having been condemned, the school moved to the former premises of the York Industrial School in Marygate, which were purchased for £3,800 with the aid of a grant from the National Society. The school was reorganized before 1932 to accommodate 400 senior boys. The average attendance was 233 in 1938. After the destruction of the Marygate premises by enemy action in 1943, the school was accommodated in a part of the premises of Priory Street Methodist School. The two schools shared these buildings until 1947, when the Priory Street Girls' School was closed. The Manor School was then reorganized as a mixed voluntary secondary modern school and continued to occupy the Priory Street premises in 1957.


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