Queen Anne Grammar School

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Queen Anne County Grammar School for Girls

A pupil-teacher centre in Brook Street School was opened in 1905. This school was leased to provide temporary accommodation and as such was approved by the Board of Education; the building was adapted at a cost of £471. The new day centre classes replaced classes held in the evenings and on Saturday mornings in Fishergate Board School. Accommodation was provided for boy and girl pupil-teachers and intending pupil-teachers from the three Ridings and York. The school became known as the Municipal Secondary School for girls in 1906 and was officially recognized as a secondary school in 1908. The boy pupil-teachers were then accommodated at Archbishop Holgate's School. In 1908 there were 210 girls enrolled in the Municipal Secondary School; pupils paying a fee of £7 17s 6d were also admitted. The Brook Street premises were closed at the end of 1909 when the pupils were transferred to a new school building, on a 5½-acre site at the bottom of Queen Anne's Road, Clifton. This building, which was the first built exclusively by the municipal authorities for secondary education, provided accommodation for 270 girls; the cost was approximately £16,000. Four new classrooms and additional cloakrooms were erected in 1914 and provided 86 more places. There were 411 girls attending in 1933; this number had increased to 465 by 1946.
(Ref: http://www.british-history.ac.uk)


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