Queen Street School

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Micklegate Voluntary Primary School

Micklegate Trinity National School for boys was opened in 1835. The building was erected with the aid of National Society and government grants on a site at the corner of Queen Street outside Micklegate Bar, given at a nominal rent by the corporation. There was accommodation for 250; fees were 1d a week. The average attendance was 160 in 1838.  A separate girls' and infants' school had been opened in a private house before 1847. The average attendance was then 130 boys and 84 girls. There were a master and a mistress assisted by a monitor and assistant. A new schoolroom and classroom for girls was built with the aid of a government grant in 1853, on a site in Blossom Street adjacent to Micklegate Bar. The average attendance was 100 girls. The school first received an annual government grant in 1854. All the accommodation in the school was filled by 1893 when the managers suggested that more accommodation was needed in the district. The average attendance was 517 in 1894; after 1897 there was a steady decline in the attendance. In 1923 the senior department in Queen Street was closed and the building subsequently demolished. The average attendance in the junior mixed and infants' school in Blossom Street was 151 in 1927; the school became a voluntary controlled school in 1949 and was closed in 1956.
(Ref: http://www.british-history.ac.uk)


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