Joseph Rowntree School

Last Updated: 19/02/2018

The primary school opened in 1912. The school was built when the area was in the North Riding Local Education Authority. It opened on 12 January 1942 to serve the Flaxton Rural District, comprising nineteen villages. It was officially opened on 7 July 1942 by Rab Butler. It had a capacity for 480, based on class sizes of 40. It was 14 acres (57,000 m2) and built in West Hungtington Park. It opened as a secondary modern school and taught mainly practical work (making things) and less academic subjects. Education could finish at the age of fifteen (which became the compulsory sixteen only in 1973). From 1944, it was proposed to make the school bi-lateral, with a technical school section of the school intake.


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