Shipton Street School

Last Updated: 06/03/2022

Shipton Street County Primary Schools

Shipton Street Board School was opened in 1891 with accommodation for 660. There were boys', girls', and infants' departments; 440 children attended in 1892. Accommodation for 140 children was added before 1897. In 1910 there were 288 enrolled in the boys' department, 278 in the girls', and 202 in the infants'. In 1912 the boys' department was closed and transferred to Brook Street School; subsequently Shipton Street was used for girls', junior mixed, and infants' classes. There were two departments in 1932: senior girls with 193 enrolled and junior mixed and infants' with 301. The junior department had been enlarged by 100 places in that year. In 1942 the senior department was transferred to the new Water Lane School; in the same year the school was slightly damaged by enemy action. In 1956 there were 580 enrolled in the junior school and 180 in the infants'.


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