St Clements Primary School

Last Updated: 07/10/2019

St Clement's Voluntary Primary Schools

St. Clement's, sometimes known as Bishophill and Clementhorpe Church School, Cherry Street, was opened in 1872 in a new building which had been erected by subscription and with the aid of a government grant. Accommodation was for boys', girls', and infants' departments with a schoolroom and a classroom for each. There was a staff of 3, a master and 2 mistresses. Fees were 2d, 3d, and 4d for boys and girls and 1d and 2d for infants. The school first received an annual government grant in 1877. In 1878 there was an average attendance of 366 boys and girls and 33 infants. The accommodation was increased before 1894 to 1,019 places and attendance rose to 930 by 1910. In 1932 there were 172 attending the junior school and 169 the infants'. After 1950 there were two voluntary aided schools; 130 juniors and 80 infants were enrolled in 1956.


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