Tang Hall Junior Schools

Last Updated: 19/09/2020

Tang Hall County Primary Schools

Four schools were opened in one large new building in Sixth Avenue between 1928 and 1929. This unusual arrangement appears to have been made to meet the needs of a growing housing estate. The Glen and The Avenue Junior Mixed and Infant Schools were opened in 1928 each with accommodation for 400 children. Tang Hall Junior Mixed with Infants School and Tang Hall Senior Mixed School were opened in 1929; there was accommodation for 336 and 360 respectively. The attendance in 1932 was 185 in Tang Hall Senior School and 289 in Tang Hall Junior School; 372 and 362 attended The Glen and The Avenue Schools. The three primary schools were reorganized into two schools in 1949, Tang Hall Junior being merged with the other two; there were then 475 enrolled in Tang Hall Avenue School and 366 in Tang Hall Glen School. The senior school, by that time known as Tang Hall Secondary Modern School, had 380 enrolled, but this senior school was itself closed in 1950 and the accommodation reorganized for juniors and infants. In 1956 there were 780 children enrolled in Tang Hall Junior School and 370 in Tang Hall Infants' School.
(Ref: http://www.british-history.ac.uk)


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