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Several visitors have sent general feedback comments so this page is to present these.

Annemarie West

Thank you for this wonderful site. I am looking at your altar boy picture. My father, Henry Patrick West, is the dark haired child sitting next to the Father in the picture. Sadly my dad died aged 70 last June, but this picture is lovely for me to see.

Sue Gabbatiss

My dad taught at St George's Secondary from 1959 for a few years, not sure how many though. He was Mr Gerry Goodridge, Geography, maybe History too?
My mum (Jean Goodridge) also taught there for one term, must have been the same year, I think?


Mike Pollard

I was at St George's as a pupil from 1974-1978. I met my form teacher from 1974 a couple of years ago who was also the history teacher - Mr Chinian

Peter Forden

I was a pupil at St George's between the years 1966-67. My father was in the RAF at Linton on Ouse and this was the school that I enjoyed the most of them all. I certainly remember Bro Cyril (Squish), Bro Gabriel (Gabby). The science teacher, whose name escapes me, taught us how to blow glass and make sherbet (not at the same time....) and had bits of a WW1 tank.... and the maths teacher who was an ex-RAF tail gunner who amused me him being so tall (they were usually small men). I also remember the PT teacher whose punishment for any unwise enough to irritate him was to take the lucky boy for a run around the complete city walls.... I escaped that fate. I also remember the local MP who occasionally used us to pick up rubbish around the city, we didn't like him much. I still tell my kids about the time when we were orienteering on the North York moors and got lost.. we found an army colonel and spent a couple of hours at his home whilst he tried to get the combined RAF and Army search called off......the army corporal in charge of us had a lot of interesting new words which we dutifully learnt. Yes I remember St George's and its pupils with fondness - sad to see it's no longer with us. I live these days in Sweden and my kids have a hard time understanding the British system - I have a hard time working out theirs! I think I got the better deal....

John Skelton

Back row fourth from left in the 1950/51 Rugby team is my dad David Skelton, sadly he passed away this week and I was looking for pictures of him. This was obviously the start of his lifelong love of rugby and is great to see, Thank you.

Kevin Keaveny

Hi. Was a pupil 1971 to 1976. Due to work have moved around quite a bit. Now I know where to find details of reunions, will certainly come.


Ashley Schofield

Hi. Was at George's from 1967 to 1970. My class register was implanted in my brain. Tony Hick, Steven Hunter, Chris Hutchinson, W Jaros, ? Johnson, Mick Kelly, Dave Kenyon, Ian Lambert, Paul Leng, Mick Lynch, Mick Litwyn, John Maul, ? Mennel, Brendon Morrison, Mick Murphey, Bill Platt, Mick Revell, John Renowlds, ? Robinson, Ashley Schofield, Steve Scoles, Gregory Skillbeck, Steve Tubridy, ? Walsh, ? Wash, Paul Wheeler, John White. I need to get out more, I think!!! This was alpha class. A few names from b class. Paul Dawson, Kevin Fillingham, David Hare, Mick Garnet, Kevin Beatie, Eric Aaron, Mick Coutie, Pat Burns and Tony cook.

Kevin Calpin

I attended St George's Infants and Juniors 1955-60? St George's Seniors 1961- 65?

Played in rugby team 1962-63, 1964-65 (Rasdall Cup winners at Clarence St). Some players I remember are: Kevin Routledge, John Routledge, Mick Calpin, Dave Breslin, Kev Burley, Maurice McLoughlin, Pete Starkey, Michael Annette, John Masiak, ? Simpson, Jeff Jordan.

 Loved sport with Pete Sellars, wood 'Timber' Thompson & metal work Mr Smithies?, Tech Dwg with George Barker, Art with Bro Joseph. Appeared (for a laugh) as an 'apple and orange seller' in Bro Gabriel's production of 'Petrouka'.

Remember the 'canon' going off in the corridor during a science lesson. Several games of football with tennis balls in playground every playtime. Riding on my bike up to Fenby Field every week for games. Pete Sellars' giant (or so I thought) table tennis bat, not just a threat it was used! Queuing at the window to buy sweets. Warm milk in summer and solid in winter (not always). Bike shed seemed cavernous. Getting caned by Bro Cyril (ouch!).


Christopher Alder

Wow, just been looking through the site, all the names and faces bring back brilliant memories. St George's Primary School was good, not so at secondary school, ah long time ago, glory days. Well done to all concerned.

Geoffrey Paul Durkin

Hi, I am an old St George's boy from the 1952 to 56 era, ex St Aeldreds and Alter boy at St George's. I would like to register my interest in the club and in becoming a member. Having worked abroad and spending my last 20 years teaching in London I am now retired and living in on the Costa Blanca in Spain with my wife Susan. I found out about you through my brother Peter who told me about the article in the Evening press. Peter still lives in York and was likewise a George's boy from about 57 to 61. Regards to my old class mates, Geoff Durkin (22/11/2013)

Patrick Kerrigan

Have just returned to Yorkshire after living in Australia for 35years. Missed this reunion as was told to look for it in Feb 2014. Very disappointed but would like to come to any others in future. Attended 1964-1968 (03/12/2013)

Mike Rogan

A big thank you to Tom, Terry and Tony for organising a great night. It was good to see so many old faces again and well worth the journey over to York. I look foreward, God willing, to next year's event. Mike Rogan, West Germany (22/11/2013)


David I Phillips

What a great write. Although I am a little younger than Geoff and brother Baptiste had been replaced by brother John, I remember all that he has written about very clearly. Perhaps we should all write a piece in a similar vein about our own recollections of St George's and the period in which we attended. Thank you Geoff for stirring in me memories of my time at St George's (01/02/2014)


Bernard Donohue

I attended senior school from 59 - 62. I remember Timber Thompson & Pete Sellars well - was in Bro Joseph's class. Bro Mathew was my favorite as I remember he was the only Bro who didn't cane me (although I no doubt deserved it). Whatever happened to the Andrews family of Tang Hall Lane? (02/02/2014)

Andrew Loughrey

I think the year I started was 1969 maybe 1968, memories are playing football with a tennis ball on the one and only school yard, using  the tree protector as goal posts. Being in the cricket team getting a hat trick, receiving a new cricket ball in assembly. Metalwork and woodwork always interesting, using bus pass to games lesson at Fenby in Fulford

I was in the football team that played at Bootham Crescent in 1971ish that won the Wilf Meek Cup, there was a photo in the press. Anyone got any details. Regards Andy DoB 1957



Ronnie Andrews

I attended St George's 1960-62 and remember well Brother Joseph (my form master), Brother Gabriel, who was brilliant at Drama, Brother Matthew (made maths interesting) and Brother John, the scary Headmaster. I also remember Mr Sellers and the huge bat (or so it seemed then) that he used to discipline us! Some of my classmates from that time were John Jefferson, Sean Marshall, George Wilson. My elder brother, Michael also went to St George's and I am sure Bernard Donohue was in his class. We moved to Richmond North Yorkshire in 1962 and attended school in Darlington. Without doubt, St George's was the school I most enjoyed.

Mike Hemmington

Iím featured in the photo of the Teams which won every cup in 1957 as Goalkeeper for the seniors and also in the Cricket team. I was at St George's from about 1955 to 1959, after my parents moved from Hull. I also married in St George's Church. The Priest was Farther OíNeal & the Parish Priest was Cannon OíConnell, just a lovely man. Also have fond memories of the Brothers who taught there, Bros Vincent, Matthew & Gabriel. Does anybody remember the teacher Mr Brown who used to read us fascinating war stories on a Friday? Reading the names of my old school mates does bring back happy memories. From St George's I went to the York Technical College, took engineering, then back to Hull to serve my apprenticeship in a shipyard, finally ending up as an Engineer Officer in the Merchant Navy. Finally, with my wife and by then two children, I emigrated to New Zealand where Iíve been ever since, working in Hydro Power Stations and the Energy Industry before retiring. If any ex-pupils would like to contact me, that would be great to hear from them and where life took them.

Andy Patten

We were all in class with heads in books, Pete (sellers) had popped out and someone dared me!! Within seconds he walked back in and I put my hand up and said 'Sir, there is a phone call at Mr Gair's office for you'. When he walked back in, into a few sniggers, he just said 'Right! Get on with your reading. Very good Patten - I'm watching you' . . . . I was papping myself.

Angela Mitchell

My father, Peter Richardson, attended this school in the 1950s. He recently passed away and we are trying to find his football team photograph that is situated in a corridor on the bottom floor. Can anybody help me? (08/07/2015)

Anthony Suter  

I have seen the picture in your Gallery, Mural Festival of York c1960.
Please can I make a correction, the person on the far left of the photo is Garry David Suter not Tony Suter. I am Tony Suter, Garry's brother. Garry was always called David as this was his second name and he preferred it. Garry loved Art and was always drawing which I might say he was very good at, after leaving school he became a successful Painter and Decorator running his own business right up to his retirement. Sadly Garry died October 2012 after a long illness. (18/08/2015)

Steve Tubridy

Hi, just came across this site. Brought back many mixed memories for me. I was there back in 1965-1970. I live in the USA just now - it's my 5th country I have lived in. It was a shock to see the old place missing and housing in its place. Still remember many of the old teachers. Some left a good mark on me and helped make me into the person I became though I have nothing to do with any religion at all now. Still good to see there is something on line of the old place. (09/12/2015)

Shaun Kelly

Hi. I attended St George's Seniors from 1973 to 1978. Great to see so many names and faces again (02/01/2016)

Paul Maher

I was there from 1961 to1965 I remember becoming York boxing champion. I think it was 1963 or 1964  (13/02/2018)


Paul Wrigglesworth

Hi, picture 65/123 of St George's Scouts in the general gallery is interesting. I am the one on the left. If you had to be at senior school to be in the Scouts back then it would be 1960 as that is when I started secondary school. Wonder what today's Scout Leaders would have made of what we got up to back then. No risk assessments, no Scout life guard as we played in the river. These days you even have to be certificated to take anyone on a Scout or Cub camp. I can recognise some of the faces but afraid the names have gone except for Christopher third from the left but cannot remember his surname. (02/03/2018)

Paul Hornby

My brother, Nigel, attended between 1952-56 and I between 1962-1966 both spending our time in the A stream.
How well I remember my time at St Georges under Headmasters Br John & Cyril. I attended a reunion a couple of years ago but recognized no-one. I suppose I was looking for 15 year old boys but people change in 50 plus years. I was hoping to see Phil MacNickel or Tony Taylor but no luck.
For those who are interested I became a town planner in various places and now live in an old vicarage in the Devon countryside in retirement.  (17/01/2019)

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